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Whirlpool Combi BSNF9152OX

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Discover the new Total NoFrost technology for better food preservation. SupremeNoFrost uses two separate evaporators to create the ideal environment in each cavity. 2.00 mts | A ++ | Display EOS | drawer FreshFood

Furthermore, with the technology FreshControl, fresh foods remain as the first day due to temperature sensors and humidity. The interiors are completely versatile and functional: a special low temperature compartment for meat and fish; balcony cheese special for small food compartments, stainless steel bottle ... and a lot of features that maximize your storage space. In the freezer, the QuickIce system offers the possibility of making ice cubes quickly and easily. All compartments, both the refrigerator and freezer, is equipped with slider system guidelines for their use even more comfortable. The new design is synonymous Supreme integration and usability: fully integrated rotating hinge for wall installation without losing functionality shooter. 6thSense panel control, refrigerator temperature control and integrated LED lighting.


  • Tipo de instalación: Independiente
  • Color del producto: Acero inoxidable
  • Bisagra para puerta: Derecho
  • Pantalla incorporada: No
  • Material de estantes: Vidrio


  • Capacidad neta total: 346 L
  • Clase climática: SN-T
  • Nivel de ruido: 42 dB


  • Frigorífico, capacidad neta: 252 L
  • Luz interior de la nevera: Si
  • Antiescarcha (nevera): Si
  • Frigorífico, número de compartimentos: 5
  • Número de compartimientos para verduras: 2


  • Posición congelada: último lugar
  • Congelador, capacidad neta: 94 L
  • Congelador, número de compartimientos: 3

Zona fresca

  • Compartimiento de zona fresca: Si

Control de energía

  • Clase de eficiencia de energía: A++
  • Consumo de energía anual: 251 kWh
  • Carga conectada: 140 W
  • Voltaje de entrada AC: 220 - 240 V
  • Frecuencia de entrada AC: 50 Hz
  • Fuente de energía: Eléctrico

Peso y dimensiones

  • Ancho: 595 mm
  • Profundidad: 663 mm
  • Altura: 2011 mm
  • Peso: 76 kg